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Voice Of Iranian

More than 1400 university student from Shiraz University by signing a petition have demanded President Rohani to implement his given promises in relation to the rights of national and ethnic minorities in Iran.

 The written petition has criticized the broken promises of the President Rohani who focused widely during his election campaign on the rights of the national and ethnic rights as a well-planed refinement to mobilize extensive popularity for his presidential campaign as he firmly given his words of activating the fundament rights of ethnic people in Iran.

Far too long for thirty years people of ethnic groups have been campaigning for their lawful rights including to execute the article 15 and 19 which stress the necessity of having the right to education in mother language for Non- Persian nationalities alongside the official language which is Persian.

The Petition noted that denying the rights of non-Persian national and ethnic groups means denying the mosaic diversity of the country as Iran is one of the most diverse countries in regard to the existence of multi- ethnic and multi religious groups in Middle East.

 The petition argues that the right to education in mother language is a right that has been enshrined in Iran’s constitution which the articles 15 and 19 vividly stress on the essentiality of education in mother language for those non-Persian nationalities including Ahwazis, Kurds, and Turks, albeit these articles have not so far been implemented depriving millions of non-Persian of their languages which caused identity crisis for these people.