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Itinerary: From Erbil to Kobani
By ZanyarOmrani

Making up stories and telling a pack of lies to divert the common sense of my family and friends are part
of the necessities of travel. Kobani is the main destination of travel, the city, which for days reeks with
streams of blood, fetid and putrefaction, the city, which its recent resistance and determination has
awestruck the whole world. The resistance of the city has proved to me that there is yet a glimpse of hope
to exit the disappointing and desperate situation of daily life.
The contradictions in my statements led one of my friends to get very angry with me. He hung up the
phone on me. Disturbed by the phone call I angrily walked up the stairs of the terminal towards ‘’ Can-
Diyarbakir’’ the passenger cooperative. Two Kurdish youth from Turkey were standing there. The two
greeted me in “Kurmanci” and answered my questions with smiles. After a while, they stared and looked
at each other and continued their conversation in Turkish. I was amazed. Apart from my dreams and my
mother’ s dreams, this was the first sign that made my travel to an abnormal land and territory rather
stranger. He got 74,000 Iraqi dinars from both of us! I did not forget to mention that are two of us, two
travelers who had decided not to stop until Kobani.
I have known “Mahdiyeh” for seven years. She left Tehran for Iran’ s Kurdistantotake photographs. We
got to know each other and the history of our knowing dates back to a long time ago that one cannot cast
any doubt on it. At first sight she is a good tempered and humorous woman as well as very
compassionate. She is so kind-hearted that many envy of us, from taxi drivers to ticket vendors.
After a short stopover, the bus leaves Erbil for “Diyarbakir’ . It is 8 p.m. on Oct. 23. Perhaps, it would be
better to go back to a few days ago. After a lot of backs and occurred between the two of us, we finally
agreed on traveling to Kobani instead of touring refugee camps. Honestly, I hate it when photographers
either individually or collectively, wander through refugee camps. I hate it not merely because of the
crocodile tears or the opportunity of fake jobs for even some of my friends, but mainly because I despise
the trend of normalization of calamity and the minimization of travesty to some thousand pixels of color.
What is the main objective of “Mahdiyeh” behind this trip? Her insistence and perseverance for going to
Kobani turned logical and hopeful although the possibility of cotraveling was close to zero until the very
last minute. Yet Mahdiyeh had taken the main decision and no amount of reasoning and excuses would
dissuade her from going.
We started research and reviewed all aspects and risks. Going to Kobani in its current situation seemed
very difficult and impossible so much so that the Chief of Staff of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party
{PYD} was amazed at our persistence. Mainly there are three main routes to get into Kobani!
The first route was from Pishkhapour Border. For this purpose, we had to get official approval fromIraqi
Kurdistan government {KRG} in order to go to Qamishlo in Syrian Kurdistan.

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