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According to women’s adviser of education in Kermanshah’s province in each year, 1242 students have been identified as dropouts in this province.

Voice of Iranian (Committee of Children and Adolescents), quoting ILNA, dropout 1242 students per year in this province and department of education support many of them to back to school, Lobat Al’sadat Baghri Mousavi at the meeting of the Working Group on Women and Family Affairs on 10th December said.

The total numbers of students in the province are 316,992 people that the number of females are 149,376 and 167,617 are males, Mousavi said.

According to this statistics the elementary’s students are 169,097 that 81,587 of them females and 87,510 are males.

The statistics of first year of secondary are 48,007 and the second year are 68,661 students.

Should provide the context that all girls in towns and villages are able to continue their education without problems, In this connection Azarmi, political and security deputy governor of Kermanshah, emphasizing particular focus on women, particularly female’s dropouts in cities and villages, said.

This program and the landscape should be designed carefully, and this is a collective effort to monitor the area of women and public’s sectors, Azarmi said and pointed to need to develop a comprehensive program for women in different parts of the province, in accordance in Sixth development plan.

Furthermore, Mousavi said, the purpose of this plan is to attract dropout of education, and enjoyment equal rights civil irrespective of gender and geographical differences in schools of province.