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After hearing sad stories related to Lorestan, we discuss with Babak Bayat Babolghani a journalist and civil society activist from Lorestan.

About Lorestan

voice of iranian-Lorestan is usually in the news by some tragic and sad stories.

what are the reasons?

Let’s first review some disturbing events which happened recently then go to highlight the reasons, newly after too much rain in Lorestan a flood came to the roads and a school in a remote village and some people became disappeared in the river with their cars, a devoted teacher took two injured students to the hospital by his own car because the lack of medical equipments in the local medical center and even lack of ambulance to take them to the modern medical centers, were drowned into the water with car and were killed.

Also a while ago a young pregnant lady from a remote village went to the city hospital but the hospital did not accept her because there were no nurse and doctor to help her and even they did not give her a room to stay in, therefore after a while the young lady had to give birth in a dark toilet in the hospital with giving help by her relatives and in check out she was forced by the hospital to pay for the unreceived service.

The third one, in the Bakhtiari area which there were no medical equipments for treatment a sick child in her area of living and she dead in the way of sending her to the equipped hospital in the big city of other province.

These are samples of tragic events and problems the lor people are faced with, most of the Lor population live in the remote villages and small cities with the minimum range of medical and educational facilities and the government and medias do not pay attention to these conditions of life.


voice of iranian- Which natural disasters and social problems that Lorestan

region is faced.

what are the main reasons for increasing vulnerability?

very remote, rural and difficult geo-physical situation of the cities and villages, Non-standard roads, climatic conditions, lack of public awareness,lack of investments and industries ,absence of Medical equipment and low income are the major obstacles to make people vulnerable and unable to cope with the various types of social problems and natural disasters such as poverty, flood, earthquake, air pollution, environment destruction and etc.

By the way performance of the government in Lorestan indicates the oppression and discrimination against a considerable people to benefit from equal facilities and life conditions compare to the capital city and other big cities.


voice of iranian-How is the economy situation and individual’s income in Lorestan region?

The economy in villages is mostly based on agriculture as a main resource of income and also there are few activities other than agriculture like handicrafts and ranching which can be affected by Dehydration and high related expenses and in the cities self employments are the main resources of income .

Lorestan region has the highest rate of unemployment in Iran and with the lack of industries and manufactures is one of the areas with the lowest investment and income in the country, these reasons force people to migrate to the big cities for finding job and have more income for a better life.

In the bad economic situation of Iran these people mostly have to accede to the hard jobs with lowest income and live in the unsuitable places in outskirt areas and some of them who have no specialty join the army and police to have minimum conditions of life with a fixed income.