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The World Wetland Network (WWN) is a global support network of for wetland NGO’s and civil society groups. It was started at the World NGO conference on the eve of the Ramsar COP10 meeting in 2010. Key objectives are to raise awareness of the role of local people in wetland conservation, and to support their active involvement and build their capacity to deliver effective wetland conservation.

Wetland Awards Revised

After much internal discussion, and with our partners, we have decided to use the wetland voting in a slightly different way. We still want to keep the information on local wetalnds and NGO activities, but we have seen some issues with the use of the Blue and Grey Globe awards. Although in some cases they were useful, bringing attention and resources to the wetland, they have also resulted in some conflict between local partners, as well as a negative reaction at international level. We are therefore planning to use the results (deadline 2nd February) to create a side event for the Ramsar COP, in combination with the resulsts of the recent NGO questionnaire. This will highlight the issues that wetlands are facing, and some of the great work that NGOs and civil society groups are doing. If you would still like to vote, please see our voting page for more.

Featured WWN work

We have just completed the NGO survey on delivery of the Ramsar Convention objectives at local and national level, thanks to those of you that voted. We are currently analysing the results, which will be announced at the Ramsar COP12 in Uruguay, June 2015.